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BCC Christian Education for Children

Brookside Congregational Church’s Faith Formation Program for Children

Come Join Our Workshops
Our Faith Formation program is a Rotational Workshop model. The children focus on one Biblical theme for 3 to 6 weeks. Every Sunday the children attend a workshop on the selected theme. They hear the Bible story that is the basis of the Unit and participate in an activity that reinforces the theme. Based on the Multiple Intelligence theory, workshops include art, cooking, games, music, science, storytelling, and video.

  • Nursery Care for infants through 3 years
  • Rotational Workshops for 4 year olds through 7th grade
  • Summer Story Hour will be again for 2017 from June 28-July 26, on Wednesdays
  • Click Here for the 2017-18 Registration Form

Children’s Sunday

This is a special Sunday where the children lead the service. We will recognize our teachers and shepherds; those graduating from high school, college, and beyond; and the third graders will receive their Bibles.

Rev Eric with our Brookside Children

Rev Eric with our Brookside Children


We start our summer program of multiage workshops for children 3rd grade and under in June and continue the Unit “Blessings and Birthrights” for three more Sundays. For the rest of the Summer we will be learning about Jacob’s son, Joseph in a Unit called “Joseph’s Journey.”

Program Information

BCC Children Easter 2017

BCC Children Easter 2017

Our program starts in September and goes to the first Sunday in June, but children are welcome to join any time during the year. In the summer we offer a multi age workshop each Sunday for children 4 years old through 4th grade.

The first Sunday of the month, Communion Sunday, children go to their workshops at 10 o’clock and join the congregation for Communion which follows the offering.

On all other Sundays the children join the congregation for the beginning of worship. After the “Time with God’s Children,” shepherds meet the children in the hall outside the Sanctuary and escort them to their workshops. The shepherds stay with the children for the workshop and provide the children with a consistent presence throughout the year.

At the end of the workshop, which can go to 11:15, older children are escorted to the Fellowship Hall.

Parents of the 4 year olds class meet the shepherd and the children by the benches downstairs in the hallway, by Rooms D and E.

Nursery Care
For Children 3 and under, we provide Nursery care from 9:45 to the end of the service. Children can be dropped off in the Crib Room before the service or taken down to the room at any time during the service. There are two volunteers in the room at all times.

Registration Forms
Each year all parents are asked to fill out new registration forms so our information is up to date. Please fill out the entire form, especially the questions about allergies, medical or other concerns, and if you don’t want your child’s picture to be on the website. Click Here for the 2017-18 Registration Form

If you have any questions about our Faith Formation program please contact Fran Hakenson.

Peanut & Tree Nut Free Guidelines for the Nursery Effective October 2013

  • No food will be allowed in the Nursery except bottles for infants. There will be nut-free snacks provided in the room.
  • Children will have their hands and faces wiped off as they enter the Nursery. If the child has had a breakfast or snack that contained nuts, this will prevent the possibility of an allergic reaction in another child.
  • We ask that parents leave their cell phone numbers with those in the Nursery. This way if there is an emergency, the Nursery staff will be able to reach you in worship.
  • All personnel in the Nursery will receive training in how to respond to an allergic reaction.
  • The Nursery will be locked during the week to prevent the room from being contaminated.

Free Resources for All Families

  • Spark Story Bible – If you have not received one for your family, please see Fran. This is a great Bible for you to read to your young child.
  • “Kingsleys Meadow” dvd – a four-DVD set of Bible stories. There are songs for each story and the presentation has humor as well as important values that are stressed.
  • Spark Family magazine – they are located in the Narthex and back hallway by the church office.

If you would like a copy of these resources for your family, please see Fran.

Confirmation Classes – 8th Grade

Please click here for more information.

Youth Groups and Camps

Click here for more information, Youth Groups at Brookside Congregational Church.