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BCC Church School Coordinator

Rev. Fran Hakenson is the Church School Coordinator. Fran is a retired UCC pastor, who has served churches in Vermont and New York.

Bible StudyOver the last three decades she has had extensive experience in the area of Christian Education and has been a valued and valuable asset to Brookside Congregational Church, where she holds her church membership. Through her efforts we have a well-established Faith Formation program for children 3 years old through 7th grade, a program called Rotational Workshops.

In this program the children focus on one Biblical theme for 4 to 6 weeks. Every Sunday the children attend a workshop on the selected theme. They hear the Bible story that is the basis of the Unit and participate in an activity that reinforces the theme. Based on the Multiple Intelligence theory, workshops include art, cooking, games, music, science, storytelling, and video.

Fran is the mother of six and has 17 living grandchildren. When she is not involved in church activities she is usually quilting, knitting, cooking, or taking care of grandchildren.

Church School Coordinator
Fran Hakenson
phone: 603-669-2807 ext. 104